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Prepping for 2024: When Marketing is More Important Than Ever

with Jason Pantana

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It’s not a stretch to say 2024 will be the year that marketing matters more than any other time in your career. Between rising interest rates, fewer transactions, and increased competition, it’s absolutely essential that your messaging cuts through the noise and sets you apart.

But that will only happen if you PLAN for it to happen. Don’t worry… we’ll show you how.

Join our top real estate marketing expert Jason Pantana for a free webinar to construct your 2024 marketing plan. He’ll start by giving you a template to make it all simple, and then he’ll share vital strategies to differentiate yourself in a lean market, including:

  • The “I See You Everywhere!” plan, which does exactly what it promises – without breaking the bank
  • How to unlock “Listing Leverage,” the proven strategy to multiply each listing into more opportunities
  • Action plans to keep your marketing fresh and effective all throughout the year
  • Tools and systems top agents are using to get more done in less time

This is NOT the market to simply “rinse and repeat” your 2023 marketing plan for 2024. The next year requires new thinking and new approaches to attract the business to achieve your goals.

Join Jason to get your plan in place! Registration is required. Click below to reserve your spot.

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