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Tom Ferry presents….

The BIG Kickoff Pt. 2: Maximizing Momentum!

A massive free webinar

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The greatest minds in real estate converge once again to give you the tools you need to maintain maximum momentum throughout 2024!

Tom Ferry’s “Starting BIG in 2024: An All-Star Kickoff” was the biggest, most epic webinar we’ve ever done and had a massive turnout of over 9,000 agents who have been raving about the information and strategies they received. There’s no way we could possibly top it, right?...

Well, thousands of agents have requested more, and as usual, Tom is delivering!

This new webinar is not just a follow-up to the 2024 All-Star Kickoff – it’s an unparalleled strategy session with some of real estate’s most influential players, showing you the best kept secrets for generating more business in today’s market.


Tom Ferry

Founder & CEO of Ferry International


David Childers

CEO of Keeping Current Matters


Jeremy Davis

CEO of Palm Agent


Emily Terrell

Tom Ferry Coach


Jason Pantana

Coach and Speaker


Alyssia Essig

Tom Ferry Coach


Jimmy Mackin

Co-founder and CEO of Curaytor

Tom is Making an Announcement That Will Transform Our Industry!

We can’t say too much about it here, but we will say that Tom Ferry has joined forces with other titans of the industry to create something truly unique that’s going to have a widespread impact on the entire real estate industry for years to come!

So, if you work in real estate, we recommend you sign up right now!

And if you missed the 2024 All-Star Kickoff, you can catch up on some of the segments here, but note that it’s NOT NECESSARY to catch up before joining the The BIG Kickoff Pt. 2: Maximizing Momentum.

The guidance provided by Ferry International represents suggested best practices in the real estate industry and is not intended to establish a standard or requirement; agents are advised to seek confirmation and legal guidance that reflects their specific state's regulations and laws.