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Tom Ferry presents….

Embracing Change: How the NAR Settlement Affects You

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Don't panic! This is a time for preparation and awareness - not alarm.

You've heard the news...The recent NAR settlement concerning Buyer Agency is a historic moment which will impact the shape and structure of our industry going forward. But underneath all the uncertainty is a remarkable opportunity for those who are willing to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

For the last two decades, Tom Ferry has been the name that informed real estate agents turn to for guidance when our industry shifts. Register for a free webinar, “Embracing Change: How the NAR Settlement Affects You,” where he and a group of industry leading experts will give you the inside scoop on:

  • The future of Buyer Agency and what you MUST have in place before July
  • How to discuss this news to your market and past clients
  • Strategies for protecting yourself and securing a Buyer-Broker Agreement
  • How to distinguish yourself as the informed agent of today

If you’ve been following our content for a while, you know that we’ve been prepared for this, and in this webinar we’re laying it all on the table – including all the surprises we didn’t suspect! When you study the implications of this settlement like we did, there’s more to unpack than meets the eye.

The guidance provided by Ferry International represents suggested best practices in the real estate industry and is not intended to establish a standard or requirement; agents are advised to seek confirmation and legal guidance that reflects their specific state's regulations and laws.


Tom Ferry

Founder & CEO of Ferry International

You'll Hear From...


Jack Miller

President and CEO of T3 Sixty


David Childers

CEO of Keeping Current Matters


Alyssia Essig

Tom Ferry Coach and Buyside Expert