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Tom Ferry presents….

Embracing Change Pt. 2: The Listing Side of the NAR Settlement

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The NAR Settlement doesn't only affect Buyside. Adjusting your strategy for listings is CRUCIAL.

Our previous webinar, “Embracing Change: How the NAR Settlement Affects You” broke records with over 30,000+ agents in attendance. That means two things:

  • Agents recognize the seriousness of what is going on and are committed to adjusting their strategies.
  • You have some stiff competition and if you’re not ahead of the game, you’re going to get smoked come July. 

Tom is once again assembling a host of the industry’s finest for Embracing Change Pt. 2: The Listing Side of the NAR Settlement. They’re going to dive deep on:

  • The legal shifts that will alter the way you work with sellers and buyer’s agents
  • How to protect yourself while reengineering your processes
  • The strategies for taking full advantage of this summer’s HOT housing market

We’ll say it again… There is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY HERE, but only if you’re informed. 


Tom Ferry

Founder & CEO of Ferry International

Meet Tom's Guest Speakers!


Jamie McMartin

The Jamie McMartin Group


Jack Miller

CEO of T3 Sixty


Bryon Lazine

The One Team/Co-founder & COO of Broke Agent Media


Lisa Chinatti

Chinatti Realty


Jimmy Mackin

Co-founder and CEO of Curaytor

The guidance provided by Ferry International represents suggested best practices in the real estate industry and is not intended to establish a standard or requirement; agents are advised to seek confirmation and legal guidance that reflects their specific state's regulations and laws.